$58 for 5 Sessions of 1 hour lesson choosing from Ladies Exotic Dance / Salsa / Reggaeton or Jazroc + Free Dance Beanie + Dance Pants + Latin or Jazz Dance Shoes + 10 Dance Party Voucher(Total Worth $475)

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  • 5 Sessions of 1 hour lesson choosing from Ladies Exotic Dance / Salsa / Reggaeton or Jazroc (U.P. $120)
  • Free Dance Beanie worth $35
  • Free Ladies Dance Pants worth $50
  • Free Latin Dance Shoes or Jazz Shoes worth up to $120
  • Free 10 Dance Party Voucher (Worth $150) (incl.1 drink)
  • Learn dancing at the same time great way to make new friends
  • Learn Dancing with your friends or your loved one!

Terms and conditions

  • Valid till 15 Dec 2011
  • Can buy multiple vouchers
  • Dance classes are 1hr x 5 consecutive weeks of the chosen dance type
  • Ladies Exotic Dance and Reggaeton are open to females only,  Salsa and Jazroc are open to both males and females.
  • Voucher is non-refundable or exchangeable for cash of part thereof
  • Voucher cannot be used in conjunction with other discounts / promotions
  • Shoe sizes available 34 – 40 ( ladies heels) 37 – 44 (men shoes) 34 – 45 (jazz shoes)
  • Merchant reserves the right to replace with other design / model for the shoes
  • To register, please call 6272 1992 and quote name, contact number, voucher code and class interested.
  • Class Schedule:
    Ladies Exotic Dance – Sat 2.15pm
    Ladies Reggaeton – Wed 8.15pm
    Jazroc – Thu 7.15pm
    Salsa – Fri 7.15pm / Sun 7.15pm

·         Ladies Exotic Dance and Reggaeton are open to females only, Salsa and Jazroc are open to both males and females.

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Dance K
162 Bukit Merah Central
(abv KFC, opposite polyclinic)
Singapore 150163

Tel: 6272 1992

Details of the Deal

Ladies Exotic Dance
Similar to Sensual Dance, Exotic Dance teaches a range to sexy and exotic body movements to bring out the sexy women in you.  Exotic classes are generally less danc-y and more sex-y; less flirty and more teasing...  Our range of exotic classes features lap dance, striptease and other dances with props that make your dancing fun, teasing and exciting.
Schedule: Sat 2.15pm

Dance K

Ladies Reggaeton
Reggaeton developed from Jamaican and was influenced by various other musical aspects like the North American hip hop and Puerto Rican rhythms. Just like hip hop music, reggaeton appeals mainly to youths. Reggaeton is associated with the underground movement of urban youth. It is also referred to in Spanish as perreo C to describe a similar reggaeton move that evokes a sexual position.

Reggaeton is a dance that emphasizes on the hips. Therefore, girls are more known to do raggaeton than guys. In a dance, the girl does countless times of rotation and fast movements around the hips. Thus, during warm ups, it is advisable to stretch along the thigh and hips area. Dancers in this genre of dance are usually seen with their legs slightly bent to enable easier movement of the hips. On top of that, there are movements of the chest such as chest thrust and rotation. As you can see, since reggae dance involves a lot on chest and hips isolations, it is mostly the girls who does this where they show off their curves.

Some of the well-known artists whose music is suited to dance reggaeton are Sean Paul and Daddy Yankee. Reggae music is heavily percussive with a beat called dembow that originates from Trinidad's soca music. Reggaeton music is a mix of the Jamaican dancehall rhythms which comes from reggae, latin merengue, bomba, plena and salsa.
Schedule: Wed 8.15pm

Dance K

It is a simple partner dance that great for beginners to learn and perform due to its simplicity in movements and catchy jazzy music.  The lead and follow style is also different than that of Salsa and Tango and it introduces fundamental partner moves in an easy to learn way, which can be applied later in more difficult dances.
Schedule: Thu 7.15pm

Salsa is a dance style associated with the salsa style of music now popular worldwide.  It's all about rhythm. For Cubans especially, music and dance has always had a very special place in society. Salsa music which is the "essential pulse of Latin music" is primarily played in Latin Dance Clubs. While not the easiest dance form, because of its fast tempo, it is not particularly difficult, and dancers of all skill levels should be able to gain proficiency within a matter of months. Salsa is usually danced with a partner and can be flirtatious in a fun way and sensuous in another. However, dancers may integrate solo breaks known as shines into their routines. Shines involve lots of flamboyant movements and demonstrations of the body, and are intended as a way for a dancer to show off their full talent. While shines are in theory improvisational, there are many standard shines which dancers learn and can fall back on.
Schedule: Fri 7.15pm / Sun 7.15pm

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