2 in 1 package: Eye Bag treatment 1hr + Body Purify Massage Treatment 30mins. NOW only $34 first try

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  • Eye Bag treatment 1hrs + Body Purify Massage Treatment 30mins
  • Only for females
  • Say goodbye to persistent dark Eye Bags/Puffy eyes
  • Reduce the appearance of Eye Bags
  • Treatment is suitable for any age group
  • Promotes your well-being by enhancing blood circulation and decreasing stress
  • Pleasant & cosy environment

Terms and conditions

  • Voucher valid till 31 June 2012
  • Purchase of multiple vouchers for friends as gifts allowed
  • One customer can redeem one coupon only. Multi-purchase is allowed for gifts
  • Appointment required, call +65 6358 3029
  • Not valid with any other promotions, redemption or discounts.
  • Non-exchangeable & non-refundable
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Details of the Deal

Why is it that some people stay up over and have no dark circles, while some people rest early at night and still get very bad dark eye circles?

Many young women often complain about this problem. : “Why is heaven so unfair, not only did heaven given her beauty, but heaven also gave her the ability to "insulate" dark circles. Not only is my skin not better than hers, I have to take extra care of my eyes.”.

In fact, beautiful women have characteristics, such as smooth, ruddy complexion and good blood circulation. When the circulation of the blood in the liver is good, and the liver is in a good functioning state, one will not have dark circles easily.

Before and After Treatment:

Why are eye bags a harder problem to solve than dark circles?

There are many methods to solve dark circles these days and many of such treatments yield immediate results. But there are much lesser solutions for eye bags, even if there are, they are not effective, why is it so?

Eye bags generally come with dark circles, while having dark circles does not mean that you will have eye bags. This is because dark eye circles are caused by “Chi” stagnation in the liver. Sleeping too late, thinking too much, getting angry, etc. may cause “Chi” stagnation in the liver, resulting in dark eye circles. But this type of dark circles is temporary, it will go away with sufficient rest. But if you get dark circles even with quality sleep and sufficient rest, it may imply that the liver function is impaired, and it is best to nourish the liver.

Eye bags are often caused by weakened kidney functions. According to the “Five Elements” of Traditional Chinese Medicine ( TCM), water represents the kidney, while wood represents the liver. If the kidney function is weak it will cause the liver’s functions to be impaired ( because there is insufficient water to nourish the wood/tree). This is also the reason why eye bags and dark circles co-exist.

Eye bags are caused by water retention in the lower eyelid, because the lower eyelid lacks moisture and an impaired water metabolism of the eye. So if the same method of treating dark circles is used to treat eye bags, it will be hard to see significant results.

How to treat dark eye circles and eye bags?

By analyzing the root cause of the problems, we can use the right method to solve the problems, which is to help to improve the liver and kidney’s health. This will provide a long term and effective solution to the problem. So the journey to treat dark eye circles and eye bags is a long one, but it is a convenient and safe method to restore the health of the kidney and liver.


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