S$18.90 instead of S$236.00 Beauty & Wellness Facial Package at Avante Aesthetique for 90mins!

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  • Only $18.90 instead of $236.00 for a 90mins Beauty & Wellness Facial Package at Avante Aesthetique
  • Complete Micro Dermabrasion Smooth Face Therapy + Eye Therapy
  • Includes deep cleansing, gentle peeling, blackhead extraction, face & shoulder massage, Customised Treatment Mask + Eyebrow Shaping
  • Smoothens scaring
  • Deduce pigment, enlarge pores, even up skin tone

Terms and conditions

  • One customer can redeem one coupon only. Multi-purchase is allowed for gifts
  • Prior appointment required. Please call 6255 6993 to make booking
  • Voucher valid from 7th Apr 2011 till 7th Jul 2011
  • For first time Singaporean customers only
  • For 21 years and above
  • Offer is not valid in conjunction with others promotions and discounts
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Blk 186,
Toa Payoh Central,
Singapore 310186

Tel: 6255 6993

Monday to Friday: 11am - 9pm
Sat, Sun & PH: 10am - 6.30pm

Email : enquiry@avante.com.sg

Details of the Deal

Micro-Dermasmooth Face Therapy offers a non-surgical and non-invasive way to treat a wide variety of skin conditions, revealing the younger healthier skin beneath the signs of facial aging and other skin conditions. The process increases the oxygenation and enhances cell renewal.

Avante Aesthetique brings you a total experience to your beauty treatment, offering you a relaxing and enjoyable experience, from face to full body therapy, as well as nutritional consultations. We calm your body and relieve your inner soul. Our professional services incorporate the use of the latest technology in machines, imported from Italy, Japan and Korea. These machines are designed to engage in specific problems. Visible results can be seen in a short time.

We pride ourselves as an oasis in the heartlands. Our friendly and experienced therapists are professional and well-trained to ensure that you have a great time with us. We aim to relax, rejuvenate and revitalise you in complete tranquillity.
You will definitely get pleasure from the moment you step into this soothing paradise. It will be a total relaxing and pampering experience. Begin your journey today with Avante Aesthetique…

The two A represents AvanteAesthetique - "Progressing in the Essence of Beauty". The simplicity of the logo defines Avante Aesthetique's approach towards achieving beauty and aesthetics with simple bodylines to achieve a work of art.

The two A is also an expression of attentiveness and attractiveness The attentiveness of our staff in servicing you and transforming you to a new attractive self through our services in facial and body therapies.

I was impressed as they invest in high-tech water purifier and not the usual burning aromatherapy, it's show's how sincere they are taking care of their customer.

I tried the facial, and now my girlfriend complain my face is better than her's right now, never had so much treatment together on my face before. I'm loving it ! The lady boss is very pretty and nice, take lotsa of effort to explain to me every step in detail as i was so blur on what is it haha. Bring my girlfriend and mum too! - Shawn

Flowerpod Feedback

xin87 at Dec 2 2010, 01:01 PM
I went to Avante and would say their service is good. I just walk in & initial there wasn’t any time slot for me but Diana just asked Ivy to help me do. I signed up for the $49.90 oxy treatment. Their extractions was painless, n they would put a cooling gel after extract. I have sensitive skin and redness will show normally after my facial, but after treatment, my skin was just mild red. Signed for the $499 session, there is a choice to choose ampoules or biolight. Which will be better? Ampoule or biolight machine?? TIA.

jassyhead at Nov 16 2010, 08:07 PM
Went for my 2nd session at Avante last sat! Mine was the $488.
Beauty therapist was Ivy. 1st time was with Vicky though but I said wna try other therapist (not that Vicky not good) to see whether the whole salon standard is good or not. Ivy was friendly too, chatty, enjoyable session with them I would say. She really did a great job for all extractions! my face is still as smooth till today (: for my sis hers was Michelle, she said the extractions kinda pain but bearable, her face also clearing up. her skin was super infected and clogged cos sensitive skin. can’t wait for my next appt!
thanks podders for recommending!
ps: I feel that Diana looks like 'Amy' from Ai drama series (Chn8 7pm) too!

dctsj1 at Nov 16 2010, 11:45 PM
Aiyo.. So confusing... many choices to choose from! Avante really won't hard sell? Actually I fear to go to those BIG salons to do facial. Scare that they will do hard selling. I am very easily defeated by the sales person so I really scare to go to the commercial salon to try out! LOL

fiiefiie at Nov 7 2010, 09:07 PM
Went for my Avante facial on Friday. My first time.
didn’t get to use the $8.80 one coz Diana was talking about something, rather fast, and I didn’t catch what she’s saying, but she was spot on about my face condition.. Like combi skin. With oily t zone. And she recommended a trial facial at $36.80, which includes a bio suck thingy and a bio oxy thingy and ampoule. I think the price is ok, so i go ahead with it.
Anyway, must be quite thick skin and firm to insist on the $8.80 1.
The girl asks me to smell an armoa thingy, than massage. Followed by cleansing. After further cleansing, she used a instrument to "scrap" off the dirty skin on our surface which the bio instrument thing. Thereafter she applied a peeling thing, with steam for 5-10mins, and she started on the extraction. Felt that she extracted quite a lot of stuffs, bearable but more painful at the nose area. When i went home, i saw some blackheads around but I guess that prolly I hadn’t had facial done in awhile as well. Shall review again on my next visit.
After extraction she applied ampoule and used the bio oxy thing to further clean the skin. After that she applied the cold mask. Further massage and it’s over. Everything took around 1.5hours. She helped me to apply moisturizer I think and UV cream as well.
They asked me whether am i interested to sign a package, and since its 288 for 10 times, told them i agreeable with it.
2nd day after facial, face is still feeling soft and smooth.

papaya at Nov 1 2010, 11:53 PM
Let me share more on Avante. After I went for my first 49.90 trial for oxygen treatment last week, I signed a package for both oxygen facial and RF treatment. And I went back today for my first appointment, doing the RF.
Last week Michelle did the oxygen treatment for me, while today Vicky did the RF.
RF doesn't involved extraction, but the machine is heated roller (I think, since my eyes were covered). It feels rather warm, but surprisingly after the treatment, when she showed me the half of my face that is done, really glowing a little, with less fine lines, and lifted. RF is to even out skin tone and firm.
And the Manager, Diana did mentioned that if we refer friends, we do get free treatment, but think its the basic kind. But when I first told her that I am flowerpod, I did not tell her any reference, since I simply read and never been 'referred'. But I believe when you mentioned you are from some forum, they may treat you better, as we girls would share, be it good or bad things.
Besides, I am using my username, so even if ppl say read about this, she also don't know that's me, so don't worry that I am advertising.
But I did share with Diana that most of the salons offer similar service in terms of facial, we really go more for the price and customer service, and we really HATE the hard selling salon, so hopefully they will remain down to earth and not pushy.

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