$28 instead of $198 for 3D Magic Hand therapeutic massage.

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  • $28 instead of $198 for 30min 3D Magic Hand therapeutic massage
  • Computerised body checkup with report printing
  • Massage pain away painlessly
  • Relieving muscle pain, aches and strains
  • Excellent for toning the face for an anti-ageing treatment
  • Effective aid for slimming treatments
  • Better penetration to reach muscle level to alleviate muscle pains and strains
  • Surprise Dessert
  • Accessible location, Bishan MRT, (Opposite CPF Building) 

Terms and conditions

  • Voucher valid till 18 June 2011
  • Purchase of multiple vouchers for friends as gifts allowed
  • Only valid for 1st time customer
  • One customer can redeem one coupon only. Multi-purchase is allowed for gifts
  • Appointment required, call +65 6358 3029
  • Not valid with any other promotions, redemption or discounts.
  • Non-exchangeable & non-refundable
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Blk 513,
Bishan St 13,
(Opposite CPF Building)
Singapore 570513

Tel: 6358 3029
Fax: 6356 7137

Mon to Fri: 10.30am - 9pm
Sat, Sun & PH: 10.30am - 7pm

Email : supreme.qx@gmail.com

Details of the Deal

Have you ever wonder why after every massage , your pain has not gone away? Why do you need to suffer pain on top of a pain? (Massage strength on your body pain). Most important , Will you LOVE a massage that does not involve pain and cure your body affected pain?. 3-D Magic hand might just be the answer for you!!!!!

Supreme Q.X. Beauty Spa endorses the nature approach to beauty and health, provides the most effective, Facials, Massage Therapy, Body Treatments and more at the highest standards of quality and services tailored to your individual needs.

Supreme Q.X. Beauty Spa combines technology, comfort and relaxing to make your experience unforgettable. We invite you to come experience treatments designed to improve the look and feel of your skin, boosting your confidence and ultimately revitalizing your body from head to toe.

3D Magic Hand uses Intermediate Frequency Current (IFC) to treat pain. Intermediate frequency interferential current therapy is a treatment to massage and relieve muscle pain using by a fixed 4000Hz current and an adjustable frequency current. These two currents generate the interferential current, which has been used by physicians to alleviate muscle pain of patients for decades.

Compared with low frequency therapy or TENS, IFC has better penetration to reach muscle level to alleviate muscle pains and strains.

Intended Use
3D Magic Hand is ideal for relieving muscle pain, aches and strains. It is also excellent for toning the face for an anti-ageing treatment, or as an effective aid for slimming treatments.

5 Reasons for using 3D Magic Hand and Interferential Current therapy

1. Painkiller: Interferential Current therapy is known to be one of the best methods of treatment for alleviating pain. By sending small electrical impulses to stimulate and treat underlying tissues and nerves, the treatment treats pain at its very root.

2. Decreases swelling: Interferential Current therapy is known to decrease swelling and inflammation. By promoting circulation in the body and penetrating the tissues deeply, it takes care of swelling and reduces inflammation.

3. Restore normal movements: With the stiffness disappearing from joints as well as muscular spasms, you are able to have unrestricted movements and coordination. Compared to other forms of treatments, the results are much quicker and effective.

4. Increases the self-healing process of the body: Interferential Current therapy stimulates the natural hormones known as endorphins in the body, which helps us heal faster. Endorphins that lay in dormant stage are stimulated by these electric impulses, and the ‘feel good’ factor of the endorphins results in the faster healing process.

5. Most effective form of treatment for persistent pain: There are many physicians who have accepted the fact that Interferential Current therapy is the most effective form of persistent pain treatment. It is common for a patient to be treated in a matter of twenty minutes to half an hour and be virtually pain-free after the session. Interferential current therapy does not prolong and the results are long lasting.

The whole process :

Shawn - Firstly i would like comment on the spa that their cleanness, they got my vote for 9/10 rating. The massage is on 2nd level so i enjoyed the beauty of quietness, they have quite a few rooms for you to relax after the massage without rushing off.

The masseur started off with a body check-up by using a machine to gauge which part of your body is giving you problem and generate a report on it for you to see. After gauging, the masseur started by using traditional massage to release your tension first. Now it's follow by the amazing 3-D magic hand, the masseur step on a metal plate, with lotion on hand, your tummy will have a pad under it and she start a very soft massage on your affected point.

You will feel very very relax. when she  point at mine shoulder, there's a little vibration(means that part is the bad part and it's curing it). I gotta strongly point out that i feel ZERO pain of massage.

I got neck problem for 2 yrs already, after only one time 3-D magic hand, my neck is COMPLETELY CURE!!!!. I got to say it's AMAZING!!!! Lastly you will have a surprise dessert.

What other say:

“ I have been suffering from migraine for about 10 years and it has got worse in recent years. After a few sessions of Signature Full Body Meridians Point Massage, in combination with Pituitary Gland Treatment, I don’t suffer from migraine so often now. Thumbs up to Supreme Q.X. Beauty Spa’s Staff.”
- Lim Ming Huey

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