GSS only one time deal - $19.80 for 45 min eyes treatment(Gua Sha 眼部刮痧 +Treatment) plus Aromatherapy shoulder massage. Far East Plaza (Usual $96)

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  • $19.80 for 45 min eyes treatment plus shoulder massage with aroma oil instead of $96
  • Say "No More to awkward, unglam Panda Eyes!
  • A relaxing aromatherapy massage to relieve tension and aid circulation using  essential oils on shoulder massage 
  • Cleansing of your face
  • Eye Gua sha and Treatment
    • Say goodbye to persistent dark eye circles/Eye Bags/Puffy eyes
    • Improve blood circulation around the eyes
    • Reduce the appearance of dark eye circles
    • Help to alleviate poor and blur vision
    • Collagen eye mask place after the gua sha
  • Suitable for male and females of any age
  • Price is only exclusive to DealCreation!

Terms and conditions

  • Voucher valid till 17 Aug 2011
  • Purchase of multiple vouchers for friends as gifts allowed
  • One customer can redeem one coupon only. Multi-purchase is allowed for gifts.
  • Limited to one coupon per person
  • Appointment required, call +65 6738 2180
  • Not valid with any other promotions, redemption or discounts.
  • Non-exchangeable & non-refundable
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14 Scott Road,
Far East Plaza,
Singapore 228213

Tel: 6738 2180

Monday to Friday: 11am - 8pm
Saturday & Sunday: 11am - 7pm

Email :

Details of the Deal

Bye Bye expensive and no result eye creams!

Black eye was due to frequently stay up all night, emotional instability, eye fatigue, aging, venous blood flow velocity is too slow, lack of oxygen red blood cells, skin, eye, venous carbon dioxide and metabolic waste accumulation of excessive, chronic hypoxia, and the formation of stagnant blood flow and dark eye pigmentation caused.

Reassure that there will be no redness or swollen on your eyes with the eyes Gua Sha. It More to a gentle side rather than you see of the usual Gua sha It's more to excite the nerves on your eyes area which allow blood circulation flows which improve dark eyes ring and also reduce the puffy bags you got.


Ideal for curing dark eye circles, tired eye, eye bags & puffiness, 'Gua Sha' dates back to ancient Chinese therapy that involves scraping the skin to promote blood circulation and remove toxin. 


You've had those days before, when your shoulders are screaming at you, your neck is aching and your stress levels are through the roof. One of those days when you're snappy at everyone and not even an oversized slab of Belgian chocolate will settle your nerves.
It's ok - take a deep breath - we have something to help you relax. Shoulder aromatherapy massage !

Aromatherapy uses natural oils to sooth and relax you while restoring balance back to your body. If that sounds a bit flowery for you - especially in the aggravated state you're in - let's just say it smells fantastic. The massage will worth the knots out of your shoulders, and soothe away that tension. You see how relaxed the woman in the picture is? That should be YOU!


It's hard to believe Amy Beauty Link is located in the bustling part of town. Clean, initmate and cosy, the treatment rooms are small and dimly lit, with comfortable cots to lie on. The warm, friendly service and professionalism of the staff are enought to put anyone at ease.


Amy Beauty-Link has been feature on 11 magazine with editor picks!. There's many visits by stewardess  and celebrities like Sun Yan Zi, Joanne Peh, Adele Wong etc.


First 200 people to get 20 likes win a pair of mystery vouchers worth $400!
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