Exclusive: $58 for 5 Sessions of 1 hour Latin Ballroom Dance + Free 1 Pair of Latin Dance Shoes(Worth $178)

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  • Only $58 for 5 sessions of 1 hour Latin Ballroom Dance
  • Free 1 Pair of Latin Dance Shoes(Worth $80)
  • The largest dance studio in Singapore
  • Learn dancing at the same time great way to make new friends
  • Learn Latin Dance with your friends or your loved one!
  • Can choose from 1 of the following dance : Waltz / Latin Rumba / Cha Cha
  • Price is only exclusive to DealCreation!

Terms and conditions

  • The promotion only valid for Beginners Level Class
  • The class is once a week, for 5 consecutive weeks
  • Only for New Sign-Up
  • Voucher valid till 17 Sept 2011
  • Limited to one coupon per person
  • Purchase of multiple vouchers for friends as gifts allowed
  • Email i@aavx.com or call 6225 0907 and quote your name, voucher number, voucher code and contact number to register.
  • Not valid with any other promotions, redemption or discounts.
  • Non-exchangeable & non-refundable
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Tel: 6225 0907

Email : i@aavx.com

Details of the Deal

Interested in moving to the music the proper way?! Join us now on the floor for some fun-filled classes! :)

Whether you are looking for a serious dance lesson, are inspired by “So You Think You Can Dance” or just want a place to have fun, AAVX Dance has the right class for you.

Dance Info

Latin Rumba
Rumba is a dance organically related to the rumba genre of Afro-Cuban music. Throughout the history one may trace several styles of dances called "rumba".

Some dancers considered rumba the most erotic and sensual Latin dance, for its relatively slow rhythm and the hip movement. Rumba is actually the second slowest Latin dance: the spectrum runs bolero, rumba, cha-cha-cha, mambo in order of the speed of the beat.

Ballroom rumba derives its movements and music from son, just as the salsa and mambo. When son was brought to the United States it was renamed rumba. It is thought that this occurred due to the name rumba being more exotic and more marketable than Sòn.

Prohibition in the United States caused a flourishing of the relatively tolerated cabaret American rumba, as American tourists flocked to see crude sainetes (short plays) which featured racial stereotypes and generally, though not always, rumba.
American rumba is thought to have contributed to the origin of the cha-cha-cha, and indeed most figures (if not all, somehow) can be reinterpreted in cha-cha-cha.

Early American rumba
This kind of rumba was introduced into American dance salons at the beginning of the 20th century, characterized by high tempo, nearly twice as fast as the modern ballroom rumba, typical examples being the tunes The Peanut Vendor and Siboney.

Ballroom rumba
American style rumba is characterized by the Cuban hip motion or hip sway arising from the bending and straightening of the knee, as opposed to Latin hip motion stepping on a straight leg, which is used in international style rumba.
Additionally, the same move in terms of footwork often goes by a different name in American versus international.

Let's look at one beautiful rumba:

Cha Cha
Cha cha cha is one of the five dances of the "Latin American" program of international ballroom competitions (where it is officially has become known as "Cha cha").

The basis of the modern dance was laid down in the 1960s by Walter Laird and other top competitors of the time.

In general Cha cha steps should be kept compact and the dance is danced generally without any rise and fall. The modern ballroom technique of Cha-cha (and other ballroom dances) is a result of gradual evolution, and in many respects the technique differs significantly from the earlier days. Also, the International Style diverged from the technique of the American Style Cha-cha.

Let's watch us now a Cha cha dance:

Dance FAQ

Do I have to sign up with a partner?
It is not necessary to bring a partner. However if you have a partner or friend you would like to dance with, you are most welcome to bring him or her.

What clothing should I wear to the lessons?
Comfortable attire. People generally come to the class casually dressed or in office attire.

What shoes do I wear?
A comfortable pair of shoes! shoes with smooth sole is recommended. Slip on, sandals or mules are not practical for ladies as you need support around the heel. Do wear a pair of shoes that are well secured to the feet. You do not need to buy any special dance footwear for salsa unless or until you become really serious about it. For guys, leather-soled shoes.

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