$58 for 5 Sessions of 1 hour West Coast Swing Basic or Argentine Tango Basic + Free 1 Pair of Latin Dance Shoes + 20 Dance Party Voucher(Worth $540)

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  • Only $58 for 5 sessions of 1 hour Dance class
  • Free 1 Pair of Latin Dance Shoes (Worth $120)
  • Free 20 Dance Party Voucher (Worth $300) (incl.1 drink)
  • Learn dancing at the same time great way to make new friends
  • Learn Dancing with your friends or your loved one!
  • Can choose from 1 of the following dance : West Coast Swing Basic  / Argentine Tango Basic

Terms and conditions

  • Can buy multiple vouchers
  • Dance classes are 1hr x 5 consecutive weeks of the chosen dance type
  • Voucher is non-refundable or exchangeable for cash of part thereof
  • Voucher cannot be used in conjunction with other discounts / promotions
  • Shoe sizes available 34-40 (ladies), 37-44 (men).
  • Merchant reserves the right to replace with other design / model for the shoes
  • To register, please call 6272 1992 and quote name, contact number, voucher code and class interested.
  • Class Schedule:
    West Coast Swing Basic – Tue 8.15pm
    Argentine Tango Baisc – Tue 7.15pm
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Dance K
162 Bukit Merah Central
(abv KFC, opposite polyclinic)
Singapore 150163

Tel: 6272 1992

Details of the Deal

Interested in moving to the music the proper way?! Join us now on the floor for some fun-filled classes! :)

Whether you are looking for a serious dance lesson, are inspired by “So You Think You Can Dance” or just want a place to have fun, Dance K has the right class for you.

Dance Info

West Coast Swing
West Coast Swing (WCS) is a partner dance with roots in Lindy Hop. It is characterized by a distinctive elastic look that results from its basic extension-compression technique of partner connection, and is danced primarily in a slotted area on the dance floor. The dance allows for both partners to improvise steps while dancing together, putting West Coast Swing in a short list of dances that put a premium on improvisation.

Typically the follower walks into new patterns traveling forward on counts "1" and "2" of each basic pattern, rather than rocking back.The Anchor Step is a common ending pattern of many West Coast Swing figures.

West Coast Swing is a slotted dance. The slot is an imaginary area, long and thin, eight or nine feet long if danced at a very slow Tempo, but shorter if the music is at a faster tempo. The follower travels back and forth in the slot dancing straight through the lead. The leader consistently moves a minimum amount (at mid-way point) to his sides, barely out of her way. She lightly brushes against him each time she passes him. Brushing seems rare these days though (2009).

Socially, it is considered good etiquette (particularly on a crowded floor) to use a fixed slot, in order to allow dancing without incident. Having danced the slot repeatedly, the couple "has a claim" on the area, and other couples usually cooperate and establish their own slot parallel with the dancers.

There are urban myths regarding the origin of the slotted style. According to one version, it was an invention of Hollywood film makers who wanted “dancers to stay in the same plane, to avoid going in and out of focus”. Wide angle lenses with adequate depth of field for cinematography had in fact been available since the 1920s. A variation on the "Hollywood film maker" theme is that film makers wanted "to avoid filming the backs" of dancers. A viewing of films featuring the work of Dean Collins in the 1940s, and rock 'n' roll films made in the mid 1950s reveals the fact that dancers turn frequently and inevitably turn their backs to the camera. Although another unslotted swing dance, Balboa, became popular in the same area and under the same conditions, much has been made of "jitterbugging in the aisles" as a source of the slotted style.

Slotted moves were a common part of the step vocabulary of Lindy and/or Jitterbug dancers during the 1940s and 1950s. Rather than the walk, walk of West Coast Swing, however, two sets of triple steps were used when the woman moved down the slot, followed by a rock step rather than the current triple and anchor step.

Let's look at West Coast Swing In action:

Argentine tango
Argentine tango is a social dance and musical genre, written in 4/4 measure and with binary musical form. Its lyrics and music are marked by nostalgia, expressed through melodic instruments like the bandoneon. Originated at the ending of the 19th century in the suburbs of Buenos Aires, it quickly grew in popularity and was internationally spread. Among its leading figures are the singer and songwriter Carlos Gardel, composers like Mariano Mores and musicians like Osvaldo Pugliese and Ástor Piazzolla.

A striking difference between Argentine tango and ballroom tango is in the shape and feel of the embrace. Ballroom technique dictates that partners arch their upper bodies away from each other, while maintaining contact at the hip, in an offset frame. In Argentine tango, it is nearly the opposite: the dancers' chests are closer to each other than are their hips, and often there is contact at about the level of the chest (the contact point differing, depending on the height of the leader and the closeness of the embrace). In close embrace, the leader and the follower's chests are in contact and they are dancing with their heads touching or very near each other. In open embrace, there can be as much space as desired between the partners, but there should always be complete contact along the embracing arms to give optimum communication. Since Argentine tango is almost entirely improvisational, there needs to be clear communication between partners. Even when dancing in a very open embrace, Argentine tango dancers do not hold their upper bodies arched away from each other; each partner is over their own axis. Whether open or closed, a tango embrace is not rigid, but relaxed, like a hug.

Let's watch a video on Argentine Tango:

What should I Wear for Class?

  • Wear something comfortable that does not restrict your movements.
  • Guys : normal work shoes or dance shoes  Ladies: heels with ankle strap
  • Sandals and slippers should be avoided

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